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The following table shows how to do the minimum things with jV; the mouse controls. For the detail, see the reference manual and User's guide.

Action Window, Linux Mac OS X
rotate around X,Y axes left drag drag
rotate around Z axis Shift + right drag Shift + command + drag
translate along X,Y axes right drag command + drag
translate along Z axis (zoom in/out) Shift + left drag Shift + drag
translate slab plane along Z axis (Alt or Ctrl) + left drag Alt + drag

Reference manual

  1. Introduction
  2. Command List
  3. Atom Expression
  4. Vertex Expression
  5. Color Expression
  6. Use as Applet

User's Guide

  1. Tutorials
  2. GUI
  3. Document type of the polygon file
  4. Functional site information for molecules

Some examples

  1. Basic examples
  2. Animation
  3. Use jV applet with object tag
  4. Use jV applet with JNLP file
  5. Use jV applet with applet launcher