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    PDB ID: 102L
    D.W. Heinz, W.A. Baase, F.W. Dahlquist, B.W. Matthews (1993) How Amino-Acid Insertions are Allowed in an Alpha-Helix of T4 Lysozyme Nature 361:561.

  • An entry without a published primary citation(PDB ID, author names, and title)

    PDB ID: 1CI0
    W. Shi, D.A. Ostrov, S.E. Gerchman, V. Graziano, H. Kycia, B. Studier, S.C. Almo, S.K. Burley, New York Structural GenomiX Research Consortium (NYSGXRC). The Structure of PNP Oxidase from S. cerevisiae

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    10.2210/pdbXXXX/pdb (where XXXX is replaced with the PDB ID)
    e.g.) 10.2210/pdb4hhb/pdb
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